MK Ultra

It is not the first time a Dystopian beer name has ruffled feathers. The West Coast Dank IPA with a sinister name MK Ultra is one example.

“Are you pro MK Ultra?”

“Pretty sure it can’t be sci fi if it was something that actually happened. Once again, this place sucks.”

These reactions are so inherently human and frankly, justified. A quick Google search reveals the history of MK Ultra we are all happy to forget. It includes torture and abuse to control minds of the unsuspecting citizens. The MK Ultra project is designed and administered from within and sanctioned by the powers that be. How does a nation grapple with a tainted past?

There are different schools of thought on how to deal with failure. Intrinsically, there is a desire to delete and forget parts of ourselves which are less than decent and socially acceptable. But as I found myself wading into adventures outside of my comfort zone, I made mistakes and coincidentally discovered the enormous power of embracing my failures. After all, if I deny any wrong doing, I am denying myself a chance to learn and grow.

The CIA MK Ultra project is best forgotten. The forceful and violent rewiring of the human brains with electricity and illicit substances is in the past.

Or is it?

Just today, I came across an article about how licensed professionals are using human torture called “conversion therapy” to rewire the brains of our LGBTQ+ adolescents to “cure them of homosexuality.”

This article was published just ten months ago:

Read carefully: Gay Conversion Therapy is Still Legal in 41 States.