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Brewing Company: Big Taste and Big Ideas

January 01, 2020

SouthSound Talk highlights the less visible side of the Dystopian State: the start up business victories and fears.  Shane McElwrath and Lana Adzhigirey share.

Making Tacoma the Destination City, one craft beer at a time.

November 17, 2016

The craft beer flag flies high at these recently opened Tacoma establishments: the Dystopian State Brewing Co. in the St. Helens neighborhood and the taproom Peaks and Pints in the Proctor District. Drew Perine

And article by TNT's Sue Kidd

Contributors: Shane McElwrath and Lana Adzhigirey

Entry 76: Our Dystopian Future

November 14, 2016

Samantha Peterson  describes her experience at Dystopian State.   Shane McElwrath dedicated to excellence.

Dystopian State Brewing Co ‘V for Vendetta’ Opens in Tacoma

November 14, 2016

Blogger Matthew Holt shares his impressions.  Shane McElwrath dedicated to excellence.

Tacoma’s new brewery comes with enormous taproom and sci-fi theme.

October 27, 2016

Sue Kid with TNT Diner writes a wonderful article to welcome Dystopian State Brewing Co into the community.  Shane McElwrath and Lana Adzhigirey share the dream.

Dystopian State Brewing Co. Interview with Business Examiner

December 31, 2015

Shane McElwrath reveals a bit more about the Dystopian State shenanigans in an interview with Business Examiner:


"The company’s website presents a counterculture vibe, describing a chaotic, dystopian world with crimes and cyborgs and a persistent feeling of impending doom .  Shane McElwrath said it’s all a little bit tongue in cheek, though. Truly, he and his friend/co-owner were both sick of the “corporate world” and decided to start their own business, predicated on their passion for beer making."

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