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The Dystopian State Brewing Co. occupies a historical building located on Saint Helens Avenue and South Baker Street.  


This 1928 Moorish-style building was designed by a Tacoma architect Silas E. Nelsen for Wagner Motors. It served as an automobile dealership for many years.


Elaborate detailing around windows on the first and second floors distinquish its style. 

Best Taproom | Dystopian State

An affordable venue for all people from all walks of life.

Tacoma Beer and Board Games

Game table hand crafted with love and care. Catan, Splendor, Sushi Go, and many more games available.

Unprecedented Lighting

Soft, rustic hues add to the beauty of your beer experience.

Screen for Games
The Tasting Room

The expansive tasting room offers views of the brewing area and the Puget Sound. You pick!

The Tasting Room

A glimpse of the coziest areas of the tasting room.

Oh that couch.

A gorgeous set up to enjoy dystopian themed movies.

The communal table.
Tasting Room

Vintage Edison bulbs are sprinkled throughout the tasting area.

Comfortable seating.

Hand crafted tables.

Taster Glasses.

Lined up and ready to roll.


These will keep the party going at home.


Where the magic happens.

Seating soldiers

Comfortable seating.

Mac'n'Jacks Barrels
Brite Tanks.
Gold Sigil

Gold Sigil American Wheat Ale

The pellets.
Main Entrance

Finally, the brewery got a face lift.

Flashback - Tacoma history

Travel in time to August 1948.

Historical buildings in Tacoma

Post World War II Tacoma - the Wagner Motors Building still standing.

Eye inside a pyramid and eagle

About time...

cold beer

French sea salt and blueberry gueze taster. So crisp and fresh!

garage brewing

Bird's eye view of the creative mess.

garage brewing

Blasting some heat.

historical building in Tacoma

The before photo. Seize the moment.

History of Tacoma mural

The black ravens watch over us.

Breweries in Tacoma

The historical building which will house the Dystopian State Brewing Co.

Eagle, beer
craft brewing

Ice bath - pilot system.

craft brewing

Keeping the electronics from the water - nearly impossible. Laptop #2. RIP laptop #1.

giant fermenters

When this is all you want, it cannot be big enough.

garage craft brewing

Oh the aroma!

craft beer in a glass with bubbles

If this doesn't make you thirsty, I don't know what will.

home made brewing system

Built from scratch. With love.

Is there anything better in the world than an ice cold beer? Don't think so.

Dystopian State Brewing Co. Tacoma

Chris operating the pilot system.

three men in gas masks

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not. Helmet Breaker.

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